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“All difficult things have their origin in that which is easy, and great things in that which is small.”

Laotse, Chinese philosopher.

Holistic dentistry in a co-therapeutic network and cosmetic surgery under one roof – seeing the patient as a whole –  biologically holistic dentistry with the Smileperfect Dental Biohealth Concept. The idea is to take into consideration the correlations and influences of the teeth on the entire organism. 

Apart from our main fields of activity Holistic dentistry and  CMD Therapy, Anxiety patients and Implantology, our dental clinic, together with the cosmetic surgeon Dr. Thomas Tork and tork aesthetics, offers comprehensive aesthetic therapy concepts under one roof. This inter-disciplinary collaboration in our clinic is a great advantage for you when it comes to your harmonious and aesthetically perfect overall impression. Cosmetic surgery offers a wealth of possibilities, particularly in the facial area. Mandibular joint diagnostics with accompanying ergotherapy in our clinic represents another innovation in direct co-therapeutic collaboration and supports your rehabilitation.

Biological dentistry and the influence of the teeth on the entire organism

No region of the human organism is so riddled with heavy metals, toxic substances, dead body organs from root-treated teeth and inflammations than the mouth and jaw area. Today, we now know that more than 60% of all chronic diseases originate from the masticatory organ. It is therefore all the more important to comprehend the entire body as an integrative system, rather than dividing it into its individual components.
In many cases it is advisable to firstly subdue a primarily over-reactive immune system by functional medical aspects. It is therefore important to take a critical look at all metals, bone inflammations and endodontically treated teeth and to extract them where necessary to bring stability to the dental-mandibular-body structure. This procedure is of paramount significance, above all in chronic progressive diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis etc. but also in the development of autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto thyroiditis, Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis etc. The first-choice material, both in terms of bio-compatibility as well as aesthetics, is ceramic. One major requirement: it must be free from metal.

Detox dentistry / Restoration of the interference zone in the mouth / maxillomandibular relationship and full body statics means the preservation and reconstruction of the masticatory system using metal-free and neutral materials, always under the aspect of preserving or re-building the anatomy, the bones, the soft tissue and hence, also the health. Because only healthy is also aesthetic. We are looking forward to your visit. Your smileperfect team in Hamm.

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Atmosphere and feel-good architecture

We would like to offer you excellent treatment in a comfortable atmosphere. We have always used state-of-the-art technologies for diagnosis. Particularly mild methods such as digital x-ray and digital photography provide a combination of optimal medical care and comfort. In complex cases or in case of high risk patients, we collaborate with a network of experts in other specialisations to ensure the best possible medical care for our patients. We take much time for discussion and consultation. Because we wish for all aspects of your individual case to be comprehensively explained to you and for you to be fully involved in the treatment process from the start. All your questions will be answered conscientiously and comprehensively. We have many years of experience in modern dentistry and dental office management. Continuous extensive training ensures that we can always offer state-of-the-art medical therapies to our patients.

Last but not least, we also consider a stylish environment with much attention to detail important.  With shapes, colours and light, we have created an atmosphere where you can relax and feel comfortable. Your dentists in Hamm and the smileperfect team will be pleased to welcome you.


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