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Detox dentistry – metal/amalgam sanitation




Metal and amalgam removal 

There scientific proof of the immunological, cytotoxic and carcinogenic effects and their influence on metabolism for diverse metals such as quicksilver, copper, cobalt, aluminium, iron and chrome, as well as gold and platinum. Metal components can generally be detected everywhere in the body only a few days after being inserted into the mouth. A differentiation must be made here between three metal-related stress factors:

The toxicity of the material: the highly toxic amalgam plays a predominant role here. The heavy metals quicksilver, copper, tin and silver contained in amalgam bond in ionised form with sulphuric proteins, enzymes, cofactors and cell membranes (sulfhydryl groups). The function of an enzyme, for instance, is fully blocked by this covalent bond. In addition, metal ions from all dental alloys dissolve in an aqueous environment such as saliva and corrode. In simple terms, they rust. A current flow also occurs.

The immunological component:  None of the dental metals has a function in the human body. Practically each metal is a foreign body to the immune system and can therefore potentially trigger an allergy. This procedure is individual and fully independent of the quantity or number of metal crowns, inlays or implants. The cell builds antibodies against the metal or the connection of metal and cell (hapten effect), which plays a significant role in the development of autoimmune diseases such as MS, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis etc.

The electrical component: In the age of mobile phones, WLAN, radar and various public authority networks, one is inevitably exposed to the most diverse frequencies and electromagnetic radiation. The stationary metal elements and titanium implants inserted in the oral cavity now act as small antennas with transmitter and receiver effect, which can sensitively affect the neural system. The radiation is uncontrollably amplified; warming of the surrounding tissue may result. The effects on the body are also uncontrollable.

To enable your body to be optimally prepared for the upcoming metal/amalgam removal, you already begin with our detoxification protocol (DTX Dr. Nischwitz) in our practice in Hamm two weeks prior to your appointment or adhere to the instructions of your referring environmental physician or alternative practitioner.

The following procedure for amalgam removal has proven itself in our practice:

Screenshot 2015-12-04 09.04.22

Rubber dam (protection against chippings and fragments) – Clean-Up vacuum unit – additional protection against quicksilver vapour. Careful drilling at low speed to avoid toxic quicksilver vapours. Oxygen supply via a nasal tube – oxidises quicksilver. Gold mask as additional protection for the lung. Chlorella-algae insert after removal of the amalgam binds any quicksilver still remaining in the tooth.

Depending on the health condition, the teeth are finally clad with ceramic or composite or filled with cement as a long-term provisional solution e.g. glass ionomer cement.

Optional: Infusion with highly dosed vitamin C and other micro-nutrients. Your dentist in Hamm.