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Anti-ageing – Botox & Co – Aesthetic facial surgery – all-inclusive

Many candidates for aesthetic non-invasive treatment or rejuvenating operations of the face desire corrections. This growing need combat facial skin ageing with aesthetic interventions has resulted in an ever-increasing scope of treatment options. Minimally invasive operation techniques such as Aqua Lifting, a particularly gentle variant of SMAS Lifting, in which the preparation is applied by means of a water jet  – but also the most modern filler treatments, radio-frequency therapies etc. make this basically possible. The aim of the complex interventions is a harmonious overall result. Here, our team of physicians decides what is possible or even interdisciplinary, without having to accept any compromises in the result of individual operation steps.

Thanks to these refinements of the filling techniques and numerous operation techniques in rejuvenating surgery and the associated reduction of operation trauma, patients more frequently express correction requests at the highest possible level.. Dr. Tork learned SMAS Lift (subcutaneous musculo-aponeurotic system), a lifting procedure that “turns back the clock” in a particularly natural way by lifting and repositioning the connective tissue and muscular structure, during his training in aesthetic-plastic surgery in the department of Prof. Ivo Pitanguy in Rio de Janeiro and in multiple co-working projects with the well-known plastic surgeon Prof. Bruce Connell in Santa Ana, California.

The smileperfect aesthetics team, where the cosmetic surgeon Dr.Tork together with the dentists Dr. Hordt / Dr. Kirchberg and other co-therapists join to compile an individual therapy concept for you, distinguishes us from others in terms of overall aesthetic results. The number of individual operation steps and the operation targets should be coordinated.

Benefit from the long-standing experience of our specialists in the combination of cosmetic operations by means of this unique cooperation.