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Anxiety patients


Afraid of the dentist?  Come to our “Anxiety surgery”.

Dr. Hordt & Dr. Kirchberg are certified specialists with their main professional focus on implantology (Tübingen Dental School)

In the anxiety surgery, we want to relieve you of your fear of the dental treatment or injection etc.  Here you can discuss your fear of your visit to the dentist without being there for dental treatment at the time. We will take all the time you need. In a joint dialogue with our qualified anxiety therapist we will find out which of our treatment options will work for you. Make an effort and have the heart to do it.

We offer:

Dental treatment with laughing gas
Dental treatment with general anaesthesia

What is laughing gas?

The pain-relieving, analgesic, sedating and anxiety-resolving or anxiolytic effect of laughing gas was already discovered back in the 19th century. Chemically, this is N2O or dinitrogen monoxide or “nitrous oxide”.
Laughing gas is used million-fold as an anaesthetic. Nowadays it is an ideal solution, particularly for the treatment of anxiety patients. Laughing gas is rarely used in Germany. It is, however, widely spread in the USA, in Great Britain, in Scandinavia and in Australia. Well over half of all dentists there use laughing gas as routine practice.

How does laughing gas work?

Laughing gas is never applied in its pure form, but is always administered as a mixture of laughing gas and oxygen. This is transferred to the patient via a small nose mask. The effect begins after only a few breaths. The patient feels light and relaxed, as of in a pleasant state of trance. He closes his eyes but is responsive and in control all the time. Due to the fear-relieving effect of the laughing gas, the patient feels a soothing sense of security.
In addition to the laughing gas we can also offer special headphones with relaxing music. Special technology inside the headphones subdues unpleasant treatment-related noise. The music supports the effect of the laughing gas. Similar to hypnosis, the patient can discard his fear and pursue a more pleasant experience instead. Time often flies by then. The sensitivity of the patient to pain is strongly reduced during treatment with laughing gas. As a result you practically do not notice the injection, which we additionally apply orally. If an impression needs to be taken, this procedure is far more relaxed when laughing gas is used. The extreme retching reflex and swallowing reflex disappear altogether due to the calming effect of the laughing gas.

How long does the effect of the laughing gas last?

When the treatment has been completed, the laughing gas is switched off and the patient breathes pure oxygen for approximately 5 minutes. The effect of the laughing gas is then completely over. This means that the patient has a clear head again and is fully conscious. He can leave the practice on his own without any after-effects. The only thing that remains is the pleasant feeling of having recovered well from painless treatment.  And this has been followed more than once by tears of joy!

Risks and side effects

The use of laughing gas is a very safe method. As already mentioned, the application of laughing gas is a daily routine, particularly in the USA. About half of all dentists there work with laughing gas, and not a single serious adverse event has been documented. Laughing gas is not suitable for patients with strongly impeded nasal breathing, insofar as breathing through the nose is impossible. It is also unsuitable for children under the age of 3. In rare cases, nausea or vomiting may occur.


In Germany only very few dentists use laughing gas. This means, therefore, that it is a method of treatment that is unfortunately not paid for by the statutory health insurance providers. The costs amount to about 100,- € / 30 min. Private health insurance providers and allowance fund providers usually assume at least part of the incurred costs, depending on the respective contractual provisions.

General anaesthetic – Relaxed dental treatment in your sleep   


Upon request, all treatments can be performed under general anaesthesia. This is a convenient alternative, especially for people with an extreme dentist phobia. You sleep during treatment and you do not awake until everything is over.
Treatment under anaesthesia also allows handling time consuming and extensive dentition restorations in one run.
Therefore, it is ideal for patients with little time and a full timetable. We cooperate with experienced anaesthesiologists, who come to the dental office, provide clarifications to patients, initiate and supervise anaesthesia. Thanks to modern anaesthetics, long awaking times and subsequent nausea are a thing of the past. A short time after the operation, you may drive home in somebody’s company. Children, who are very afraid of operations, can also be treated under anaesthesia to ensure stress-free therapy.
In this case, one should discuss in detail about methods and alternatives for general anaesthesia above. We’ll be happy to inform you. Your dentists from Hamm.

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