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Dental hygiene

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Dental hygiene and prophylaxis – Latest findings for the healthy teeth of tomorrow

Periodical dental appointments in our practice ensure that your teeth stay permanently healthy. The individual examination of teeth and gums prevents the development of deeper or chronic problems.

We always integrate the latest findings from science and research in our preventive concept. Upon the suspicion of a hidden gum inflammation, we apply the aMMP-8 test to localise and treat it. Our regular patient letter reminds you in good time of your preventive dental appointment and informs you of any news concerning our practice or dentistry in general.


Sweets are not the problem  –  Professional teeth cleaning is the ideal supplement to your own teeth cleaning!

Professional teeth cleaning is the most effective preventive measure for healthy teeth and gums. Because even though you clean your teeth at home as thoroughly as you possibly can, there are still points that only professional teeth cleaning can reach with the appropriate technique and equipment.

During professional teeth cleaning we examine your teeth thoroughly and remove all deposits on the tooth surfaces with our special equipment. We subsequently apply polish and fluoride.

Our specially trained prophylaxis assistants and dental hygienists also exactly measure any possibly existing gum pockets and remove any plaque such as tartar and concretions, for example. For this purpose they use hand-held instruments, ultrasonic devices, Air Flow and small polishing brushes. A paste applied as a final measure suppresses the new formation of plaque, and fluoride varnish protects the dental enamel.

As we exactly perform all of these individual steps, our professional teeth cleaning complies with the guidelines of the German Association for Periodontology. Professional teeth cleaning should be performed at least twice a year. However, we recommend three to four month intervals for heavy smokers, diabetics and patients with severe gum disorders. This treatment is then the ideal supplement to the daily cleaning of the teeth and interdental spaces, so that teeth and gums are kept healthy.

Because only clean and well cared-for teeth give you a positive feeling and an aesthetic appearance, and pave the way to permanent oral health.


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