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Healthy teeth positioning starts in childhood

The carefree laugh of a child means the highest level of happiness for parents, which is why particular attention needs to be paid to the first signs of the development of a misalignment of the teeth in our youngest patients. It is of great importance not to miss the right point in time to begin orthodontic therapy. The removable dental brace is the “classic” one for compensating misalignments of the jaw and teeth during the changeover to the second dentition and the frequently associated muscular imbalance. The goal may for example be to regain space where milk teeth have been prematurely lost; to widen the upper jaw, to correct crossbites or to re-align incisors that have emerged in the wrong position. The frequently occurring recession of the lower jaw – commonly known as an “overbite” – can also be very reliably treated with a removable dental brace. This treatment is by no means of a purely aesthetic nature; incorrect positions of the jaw and/or teeth can lead to substantial symptoms, as a result of which teeth may need to be extracted if left untreated.

The duration of the treatment depends on the type of jaw or tooth misalignment and above all on the cooperation of the children and their parents. On average, a period of three to four years can be assumed. We will be pleased to inform you as to the exact treatment schedule during an initial consultation.