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Nothing in the world is as soft and yielding as water. And yet it conquers hardness and strength.
(Laotse, Tao te King)


AquaLift, a method developed and patented by Dr. Tork as a protected trademark, is a particularly gentle variant of SMAS lifting, in which the preparation is applied by means of a water jet (hydrodissection).


Dr. Tork learned SMAS Lift (subcutaneous musculo-aponeurotic system), a lifting procedure that “turns back the clock” in a particularly natural way by lifting and repositioning the connective tissue and muscular structure, during his training in aesthetic-plastic surgery in the department of Prof. Ivo Pitanguy in Rio de Janeiro and in multiple co-working projects with the well-known plastic surgeon Prof. Bruce Connell in Santa Ana, California. Take a look at the example pictures of patients having undergone surgery by Dr. Tork and pay attention to the smoothing of the nasolabial wrinkles, the lifting and tightening of the skin around the jaw line and the more alert and vibrant expression of the eyes, while still maintaining a fully natural appearance. This is not accomplished by simply tightening the skin, but is only possible by the above described repositioning of the soft tissue in the sense of an SMAS Lift while simultaneously integrating the anatomic structures of the respective patient. The patent-protected method Aqualift, developed by Dr. Tork, is a particularly gentle variant of SMAS lifting, in which hydrodissection is used, this being the application of the preparation by means of a water jet. Compare here the publications of Dr. Tork, which describe both technique and method in detail.