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CMD – Craniomandibular Dysfunction Therapy


Chronic pain is not destiny – The power of the mandibular joints

In about 90% of the population, the lower jaw is not in an optimal, relaxed mandibular joint position. This not only causes pain and muscle tension in the jaw and jaw area, but also recurring headaches or earache, neck and /or back pain, tinnitus, vertigo, through to problems with the intervertebral disks or knees.  Unfortunately, the “wrong bite” is frequently not identified as the cause.

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Not enough attention is paid to this connection of a mandibular disorder. In most cases, poor or neglected dental treatment leads to a jaw joint misalignment, which in turn results in a displacement of the lower jaw. A dental occlusion or “wrong bite” practically creeps in over years. Once the tolerance threshold is exceeded, myopathies inevitably result. During the progressive course, arthritic and irreparable damage to the joint structures is not a rare occurrence. The chewing muscles, neck and back musculature right through to the pelvic muscles are incorrectly stressed and the entire body statics are misaligned. Pelvic misalignment with a difference in leg length is the consequence. This disorder is called craniomandibular dysfunction CMD and is acknowledged as one of the main causes of non-dentally related pain in the orofacial region. It  is classified as one of the musculoskeletal diseases.

We get to the bottom of this widespread chewing dysfunction with modern computer-aided measuring methods, analyse and register your dental misalignment in the dynamic muscles for effective therapy according to a scientifically approved course of treatment. A specialised interdisciplinary network in which the therapists all “pull together” is essential for the successful treatment of patients.

Important: Successful treatment requires patience and a realistic expectation as well as the consistent cooperation of the patient. The target of CMD treatment is the reduction of the symptoms, meaning the alleviation of the patient’s condition in accordance with his or her individual optimum and permanent implementation.

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Mandibular joints and sport – performance and kinetic power boost for the success of the athlete

In athletes, the lower jaw is very frequently not in an optimal mandibular joint position. Even a slight misalignment causes a stato-kinetically mis-corrected spine to appear as a reflex. It goes without saying that these body statics, which are not optimally adjusted in the brain stem, can lead to worse competitive results and a higher risk of injury in high-performance sports. 

Based on these neuromuscular relationships it is possible to individually measure an optimal competition centric relation of the mandibular joints of the athlete and to adjust the bite in such a way that the results are significantly improved. The athlete is given a splint, which he or she wears during the competition. When biting, this splint triggers a reflex leading to an improved use of the muscles with an optimally adjusted spine. Result: Muscle power, flexibility and balance are increased, thus helping athletes all over the world to maximise their performance and reduce injuries.

We differentiate here between sports with and without intensive head/body contact.  We achieve the desired optimisation with an invisible lower jaw splint in sports such as football, golf, swimming, gymnastics, weightlifting, riding, skiing etc., as these are sports without intensive head/body contact. Advantage : Pleasant wearing comfort without being conspicuous.

We offer a competition splint with additional tooth protection for contact sports such as hockey, American football, handball and martial arts etc.  This splint is worn in the upper jaw and additionally protects the athletes’ teeth against impact and vibrations. It fixates the jaw in the competition centric position, the upper body muscles unfold their maximum power; scope of movement, flexibility and strength are improved.

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Dr. Hordt and Dr. Kirchberg are certified specialists in the key field of Craniomandibular Dysfunction Therapy (DIR system, DROS therapy MSA acc. to Dr. Köneke)

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