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Dentistry is medicine and therefore biological and integral

Today, dentistry as a medical discipline plays a very significant role in the diagnostics and therapy of health disorders and chronic diseases. Hence, your dentist is an important partner, who must be integrated in the therapy concept of a patient at an early stage. Holistically oriented dentistry pursues the relationships between the teeth and other body organs. As holistically oriented dentists we therefore do not restrict ourselves to the oral cavity of the patient, but include the entire organism in the scope of our diagnostics and therapy.

In biological dentistry, the right material plays a decisive role. In the current era of the over-reactive immune system that is no longer capable of tolerant reaction, the selection of the optimal materials should take paramount importance, before unsuitable or allergy-promoting materials are possibly permanently installed in the patient’s body. This could be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back.

It is also important to comprehend the entire body as an integrative system, rather than dividing it into its individual components. In many cases it is advisable to firstly subdue a primarily over-reactive immune system by functional medical aspects from the fields of nutritional, environmental and nutrient medicine, to remove all metals, inflammations and endodontically treated teeth and to firstly bring stability to the overall system by using long-term temporaries. This procedure is of great significance, above all in chronic progressive diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
The current first-choice material, both in terms of bio-compatibility as well as aesthetics, is ceramic. Several types of ceramic are available to choose from. Constructions made of zirconium (di)oxide and more recently also lithium disilicate ceramics (IPS e.max/Ivoclar Vivadent)have proven their worth. Traditional feldspar ceramics are also used

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Your dentist in Hamm

We are your contact partner when you are not solely interested in aesthetics, but also in generally healthy functional dental treatment. Practical experience and constant advanced training in  functional diagnostics for perfection in dentistry and dental technology in interaction with both the body and soul are essential nowadays. Because a perfect set of teeth is not only a business card in your mouth, but also a reflection of your health. Beautiful and shining white teeth are a symbol of health, vitality and attractiveness. In many cases, success also depends on a brilliant smile. In the past, ideal dentition was considered a godsend. Today, however, it is modern aesthetic dentistry which puts nature right. With extra thin ceramic veneers, dental surfaces may be beautified, dental gaps may be closed and teeth can be enlarged. Through bleaching, teeth can brighten up. Even persistent discolouring is removed. Today, fillings remain completely invisible through tooth coloured materials like ceramic.

“Doing something in an average way is a pure waste of time.”   Madonna, Queen of Pop


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