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Orthodontics for adults 

There is basically no age limit for orthodontic corrections. In adults, an aesthetic smile with attractive, straight teeth stands for self-confidence, success and vitality, so it is not surprising that the almost invisible dental braces are particularly in vogue. The modern discipline of orthodontics paves an easy way to an attractive smile, so that working people and people in the public eye can be treated with almost invisible dental braces.

Clear-Aligner / Invisalign

We have been correcting the most various dental misalignments using the aligner method of the global market leader Invisalign for almost 15 years, but we also offer our patients other splint systems. Basically, your teeth are invisibly moved to the right position splint by splint. Each splint/aligner is worn for up to 2 weeks, and the best thing about them is that they can be easily taken out for eating and cleaning your teeth. Another advantage of the computer-assisted treatment plan with Invisalign is that you can already see how it will look before therapy begins, and can therefore keep an overview of the entire treatment period, depending on your individual dental situation. More than 3 million patients have been successfully treated worldwide – are you next?

The optimal design of your individual smile

No matter whether a pre-prosthetic measure is planned to improve the initial situation for your scheduled denture supply, which may possibly involve crowns, implants, bridges or veneers, or an orthodontic rehabilitation – we provide holistic treatment – with regard to the function of the mandibular joint –  and will be pleased to advise you.