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Molecular dentistry

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Molecular dentistry at smileperfect dental biohealth – A new dimension of dentistry

In just the same way as evolution makes use of available resources to turn them into something new, the innovations of molecular dentistry are based on the experience and expertise of biologists, physicians, dentists, physicists and engineers. Together with universities and well-known scientific partners, Dentognostics has developed, patented and approved key technologies at the level of cells, genes, enzymes and bio-polymers. That is something we cannot withhold from our patients.

The most significant methods & technologies of molecular dentistry include the early detection of tissue necrosis on the basis of aMMP-8 determination (PerioSafe/ImplantSafe), the bio-repulsive crystalline tooth protection on the basis of self-assembled monolayers (PerioShine/ImplantShield), the molecular-biological periodontosis key bacteria determination with RNA-Microarray (PerioBac) and the ion-based oral care with depot effect (PerioSafe Care). In dentistry and human medicine, the fast and easy-to-use tests, methods and products quickly provide clarity in diagnostics and risk assessment as well as in the primary prevention of periodontosis / peri-implantitis and their potential systemic implications.

Bio-active liquid crystal for the sustainable, anti-inflammatory and aesthetic protection of the teeth

We repair the smallest micro-imperfections on enamel prisms and exposed root dentine in a natural manner, thus providing the teeth with unique, sustainable, anti-adhesive surface protection. The deposit of new plaque and discolourations is therefore largely reduced for a period of up to12 months. The natural colour of the teeth returns step by step with each treatment and sensitive reactions are reduced.

Provides long-term support for periodontosis and peri-implantitis therapies

PerioShine leaves a permanent protective anti-plaque film on all tooth surfaces. It reduces demineralisation of the dentine by acids and has an initial antimicrobial effect against various different bacterial strains. The changed surface subsequently influences the adhesive binding forces of bacteria, which can no longer cling to such a changed substrate. The same applies to most potential discolouration agents such as red wine, tobacco, etc.

Desensitises sensitive tooth necks and lesions

Due to the compression of the enamel prisms and the sealing of the dentinal tubules with exposed tooth necks and sensitive cervical areas, PerioShine achieves an extremely reliable desensitisation, even after the very first treatment. PerioPrevention is more than prophylaxis.

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