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Your wishes are our program

Dentistry and cosmetic surgery in one clinic in Hamm

Apart from our main fields of activity Holistic dentistry and TMJ Therapy, Anxiety patients and Implantology, our dental clinic, together with the cosmetic surgeon Dr. Thomas Tork und tork aesthetics offers comprehensive aesthetic therapy concepts under one roof. This inter-disciplinary collaboration in our clinic is great advantage for you when it comes to your harmonious and aesthetically perfect overall impression. Cosmetic surgery offers a wealth of possibilities, particularly in the facial area.

Dental practice quality management ISO 9001 

Our aim at smileperfect is the best possible dental care with consistently high quality and the utmost level of safety. To ensure this we have established a quality management system (DIN EN ISO 9001) from the Association for the Promotion of QM in the Healthcare System in our practice with immediate effect. It forms the “invisible” framework of our work and contributes to ensuring the success of the entire treatment process.

TMJ therapist network in Hamm

The multitude of disciplines available for the adequate therapy of co-therapy of CMD make it evident that one single discipline alone is almost always insufficient when more than one symptomatic measure is involved. So the dentist may be able to improve the “mouth statics”, but is unable to judge whether the influence of the measures taken also bring abut a positive change in the overall body statics. This lies within the responsibility of orthopaedists or physiotherapists, who provide the “fine tuning” for the basic dental therapy. The dentist acts as a therapist and as a partner in the co-therapeutic network. Let us organise you.

Aesthetics laboratory & dental technology

Your individual desires can materialize here in direct contact with our dental technician. Close cooperation between dentist and dental technician under one roof saves you long journeys, and in case of dental prostheses, also allows for comprehensive support until you are fully satisfied. We place great importance on exceptionally high-quality workmanship and therefore offer you the option of personal cooperation with internationally known dental technicians from all over the world upon particular request .

Operation microscope

Optical magnification for increased precision. A modern microscope in our practice enables much more precise and thorough operations. The use of this high-tech optical system is of particular significance in complex root canal treatment and micro-surgical parodontology.

Training for patients

We organise regular non-binding, free evening events for our patients, enabling them to gain information on various topics. Here you are given valuable first-hand information and have at the same time the possibility to discuss any current issues in a direct exchange with the lecturers.

Teeth cleaning lessons

In our teeth cleaning lessons we offer free motivation training to professionally teach all children the basics of teeth cleaning and dental care. Register now. (Maximum group size 10)

Dental Office Magazine

Information and clarification to our patients have priority, because one’s own responsibility regarding dental health is and remains the most important factor. Therefore, we offer you versatile information about modern dentistry in our dental office magazine.

Long Opening Hours

Due to enhanced demand, we have customised our opening hours. We are now able to offer our patients daily opening hours until 8 p.m., as well as Saturday consultation hours until 3 p.m. Upon special request, individual consultation appointments can also be made outside the specified opening hours.

Short Waiting Times

We try keeping waiting times as short as possible. Therefore, please make a personal appointment with us. In case of pain, we are naturally available without an appointment.

Stress-free Treatment of Anxiety Patients (hypnosis, laughing gas sedation, general anaesthetic)

As professionals in dental treatment we know about fear and pain. We want to prevent you from these as far as possible. Our entire team attaches great importance to a relaxed atmosphere and gentle treatment methods. We can treat you under general anaesthesia upon request. We cooperate with skilled anaesthesiologists, who are able to perform any kind of anaesthesia with state-of-the-art devices.

Prophylaxis with Recall

Gentle tooth-maintaining treatments play a huge role in our dental office. Thus, individual prophylaxis is considered an essential part of our practice concept. Through regular professional teeth cleaning carried out by our specially trained prophylaxis assistants, we achieve the best possible protection against caries and periodontosis. With our recall system, we remind you of your next appointment automatically and with ample time.

60+ Dentistry

Consultation and treatment of patients at the age of 60 and higher are of great importance to us. A fully functional dentition is also important at an older age not only with regard to aesthetics, but also as protection for health and provision of enhanced life quality.

Treatment Room suitable for Wheelchair Users

An obstacle-free entrance and appropriate equipment enable trouble-free treatment of patients with walking disability.

Exact and Transparent Cost Planning

After diagnosis and intensive discussion, during which you tell us about your own wishes, we explain the treatment plan in detail – and in case costs are to be borne by you – we also discuss the associated investment in your health. We will be happy to respond to all the questions important for you. Upon request, we submit the cost estimate to your health insurance and take care of the entire process. This way, you don’t need to deal with administrative issues and you save time.

Financing and Instalments

In close cooperation with you we aim to find the best possible medical and financial solution for your requirements. During the general planning you will therefore be comprehensively informed as regards the anticipated costs. In collaboration with our Abrechnungskasse für Heilberufe AKH (healthcare funding association) we are able to offer you an attractive instalment payment option with an overall term of up to 36 months.

First Class Service at smileperfect

Our VIP service relieves you whenever you wish, a smileperfect aspiration of our competent and dedicated team. Do you have a long way to travel? Of course you will be driven to the address of your choice after arriving at your destination airport. We will be please to assist you in booking your hotel accommodation. In the case of implants, surgical interventions such as face lifts or large preparations, our driver will pick you up from home and take you back after successful completion of the treatment. Personal contacts for your individual wishes guarantee a relaxed and smooth procedure and a pleasant stay in our practice.

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