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Breast operations at the highest level

The breast: the very symbol of femininity. Understandable therefore, that women who are unhappy with their bust size are reluctant to accept it as a mere whim of nature.

Whether large or small, firm or rather soft – the opinions as to how the perfect breast should look are as diverse as women themselves. But one thing is certain; it must perfectly match the body. That takes utmost priority. No matter whether this involves breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lifting or breast reconstruction.

Breast enlargement (breast augmentation) – The breast operation for too small breasts

Breast augmentation with own body fat

Not only oversized breasts can become a cause of stress – drooping breasts frequently also develop into a problem for many young women. The loss of shape is attributable to various factors such as poor connective tissue after a significant loss of weight, for example, or after pregnancy. The shape and size of the breast determine the right selection of the operation. Augmentation is possible using silicone, but also using own body fat. In both cases, scar-saving techniques are used to achieve an attractive result. Breast augmentation/reconstruction with own body fat is an operation which Dr. Tork performed for the first time in the second half of the nineties as a senior physician at Münster University Clinic and which he further developed and perfected during the course of time. Breast augmentation or lifting – “Two birds with one stone”

Advantage: Two birds with one stone. This very well describes the synergetic effect of this therapy concept from the point of view of the patient, because apart from the intended scar-free enlargement of the bust without the use of foreign substances, it also ensures an additional gain in body proportion by means of the removal of excess fat deposits that stubbornly withstand sport and diets.

Breast augmentation with silicone

Women with very small breasts often feel that they are not a ‘real’ woman. They strug­gle with their boyish figure, suffer from self-doubt and some­times even develop an inferiority complex. A breast augmen­tation with high-quality silicone implants can help these women to achieve a harmonious, feminine silhouette – and to develop a new level of self-confidence. A breast enlargement (augmentation plastic surgery) with implants can be performed on women whose breasts are inadequately developed or not at all. Women who have substantially lost weight and whose breasts have developed disadvantageously as a result of this weight reduction or pregnancy or breast feeding can also be helped by means of an operative enlargement. When choosing the size of the breast implants we make sure that the new bust harmonises well with the remain­ing proportions of the patient’s body.

Woman who have suffered from under-developed breasts frequently wish for an unrealistic enlargement. A good breast surgeon will attempt to stop these patients from wanting to become an overnight bosom marvel! This not only looks unnatural, but is also far more prone to complications that a moderate breast augmentation. A breast enlargement with implants with a volume of 250 to 350 ml (cup size B to C) is well feasible. The motto here is naturalness rather than artificialness.


And this is how it’s done: The implant can be inserted via the armpits, the nipple or a small incision in the fold below the breast. A breast enlargement involves only relatively small incisions of about four to six centi­metres. Dr. Tork’s team of physicians prefers to position them in the fold underneath the breast. The incisions are then barely visible later. An incision of 4 cm allows the implant to be optimally positioned between the pectoral muscle and the mammary gland tissue. If the skin is extremely thin or loose, or if only little glandular tissue is available, we position the implant underneath the pectoral muscle. Depending on the characteristics of the patient’s anatomy, we position the implants either between the pectoral muscle and the mammary gland tissue, or below the pectoral muscle. Only an experienced surgeon can decide whether positioning above or below the muscle is better. Surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and takes about 2 hours. If the wound heals well and post-operative care is performed properly, the scars are barely visible later.

Breast lifting for women

Where one woman may suffer from her boyish figure, another may feel that her large bosom is a cause of stress – not only physically, but also mentally. Back pains, postural defects or a sense of shame are not rare as a result. Pregnancy and breast feeding are also a source of stress for the breasts, frequently leaving consequences in their wake: the breasts lose their shape and firmness. Significant weight loss or simply the effects of gravity to which particularly a large bust is exposed over the years can lead to a drooping bust. This not only looks unattractive, but is usually also a burden for the women affected. Cosmetic surgeons can restore your bust by means of breast lifting, thus enabling you to enjoy your femininity again.

Breast re­duc­tion for over-proportioned breasts is not only recommendable for aesthetic reasons, but also on health grounds. It goes without saying that the new bust must also look attractive and match the patient to whom it belongs. The aim of breast lifting or breast reduction is to remove the surplus, sagging skin, bring the nipples into a higher position and enhance the aesthetic appearance of the breast as a whole. Several operating techniques for beast lifting/breast reduction are available. Consult our experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Tork.

Breast lifting for men/gynaecomastia operation

Disposition and nutrition-based fat accumulations can collect in the male breast, or a hormone-related enlargement of the mammary gland may occur, a so-called gynaecomastia. Neither sport nor diets lead to a reduction of the sagging or feminine appearance. Here, too, the particularly gentle water-jet assisted Bodyjet® method achieves a distinct optical improvement of the male breast by means of the reduction of the gland and fat tissue. Allow us to advise you and show you a few before and after pictures to prove just how successful breast lifting for men can be.

Attention: As after all operations, a breast lift can also be followed by bruises, secondary bleeding or infections. Sensory disturbance in the nipple or parts of the breast skin are usually normalised within a few weeks or months.

Post-operative care: Your surgeon will advise you depending on the selected method of intervention and will support you during the post-operative period.