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Laser Periodontology

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Eliminate gum inflammations at an early stage – prevent periodontitis and bone deterioration – because your health is worth it!

About 60 percent of the German population suffer from pathogenic germs on teeth or implants. Periodontitis (also known as periodontosis or parodontosis) or inflammation of the implants, a peri-implantitis, develops from an infection beginning with gum bleeding. The consequences are serious. More teeth are lost as a result of periodontitis than caries. Not only does this interfere with aesthetics, but it can also have health consequences. It is proven that the risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke are higher if the patient has periodontitis.

This malicious infection disease is caused by bacteria in plaque, which usually arises as a result of incorrect oral hygiene. Some people also have a congenital susceptibility to frequent gum inflammations or are prone to a higher risk of infection due to pre-existing diseases such as diabetes. The first signs are gum bleeding, receding gums and bad breath.

Instead of the usual “professional tooth cleaning“, we therefore perform a periodontal retention therapy. In doing so, we fulfil the real meaning of this treatment. As even slight inflammations of the gums can lead to periodontitis and also bone deterioration in the long term, it is essential to perform a PRT in due time and on a regular basis.

Periodontitis, once having gained a foothold, can only be stopped with extreme effort. Today, modern dentistry normally allows us to perform periodontitis treatment very smoothly and without surgery. The so-called biofilm containing the bacteria is removed from gum pockets in a gentle way. Your gums virtually receive “in-depth cleaning”. Dental roots are cleaned and evened with small instruments so that a smooth surface is created hardly amenable to bacteria adhesion. Additionally, we use our special periodontal laser to remove even the smallest bacteria residues from gum pockets. This way, the therapy safety is considerably enhanced.

For early diagnostics, our practice relies on the aMMP8 test, which is used to measure the inflammatory substance aMMP-8. This enables us to reliably determine the severity and location of the inflammation without pain. Even at this early stage of the inflammatory process, we attach great importance to thorough treatment and the removal of the focus of the inflammation. Because without dental assistance, inflamed gums almost always develop into a periodontitis. This has far-reaching consequences. The gums continue to recede, the teeth begin to loosen and are then unable to keep a hold in the deteriorating jawbone. Finally, teeth and implants are in danger of being lost.

Thus, timely diagnosis and prevention in our PerioPrevention Center ensure not only the preservation of your radiant smile, but also protection against diseases. We want you to stay healthy!

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