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Interdisciplinary PerioPrevention

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The mouth as an illness trigger – we will protect you!

From early detection on to reliable diagnosis right through to gentle therapy! Gum inflammation and periodontitis.

Dentists today have different tasks to fulfil than they used to. Caries has been on the decline for years – but there is now the risk of losing teeth as a result of gum inflammation, periodontitis and bone deterioration. Every other adult over 35 has more or less severe signs of inflammation. And up to 87 percent of older people suffer from such a periodontitis.

Your Smileperfect dentists in Hamm undertake to improve the treatment of periodontitis: The disease is malicious, because it frequently remains undetected, for instance in gum pockets. The risks are huge: An unnoticed periodontitis constantly releases aggressive inflammatory substances (aMMP-8) into the body. A specific test is the only way of reliable detection.

aMMP-8 test
The aMMP-8 test enables a reliable diagnosis due to a special inflammation marker. We use it to analyse the fluid in gum pockets – could there be a more pleasant method? You find out exactly whether the inflammatory substances have only affected the gums or whether they have already reached the bone.

PerioPrevention – Early detection is the best prevention, if possible even by your general practitioner. 

Because periodontal diseases frequently stand in close correlation with systemic illnesses such as diabetes, rheumatism, heart, circulatory, lung and other systemic inflammatory diseases. Periodontal diseases can also pose a risk for endoprostheses such as artificial joints. Women planning to have children should ensure a healthy periodontal condition prior to pregnancy. Many specialists such as reproduction specialists, gynaecologists, diabetologists, cardiologists and physicians from other internistic disciplines therefore aim to cooperate with specialised PA-/PI experts.

Smileperfect as a certified PerioPrevention Centre offers professional support here.

Why Interdisciplinary PerioPrevention?

Periodontitis (PA) and peri-implantitis (PI) are recognised as the greatest challenges of dentistry, as there are no effective early detection and therapy concepts so far and both diseases continue to spread. The significance of oral hygiene in general medicine is frequently underestimated. According to the oral health report, a moderate periodontitis can be diagnosed in about every other adult in Germany – with increasing tendency. Apart from the threat of losing the tooth, the systemic side effects can trigger disorders or worsen existing ones. The early detection and therapy of hidden oral inflammation (e.g. PA / PI) is of great significance, especially for people with chronic diseases such as diabetics, rheumatism and CHD patients as well as women planning to have children.

Colleagues say …

“The careful consideration of the teeth status gains more and more in importance from a cardiological point of view. The aMMP-8 quick test is an important connection for interdisciplinary communication.“
PD Dr. med. Heinrich Körtke, Heart and Diabetes Centre Bad Oeynhausen

“Performed regularly, aMMP-8 diagnostics detects the first signs of tissue deterioration and is one of the major diagnosis aids for physicians and patients alike.”
Prof. Dr. Burkhard Rischke, orthopaedist and spinal surgeon, Zurich.

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