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Tooth aesthetics

A perfect set of teeth is a business card in the mouth. Beautiful and shining white teeth are a symbol of health, vitality and attractiveness. In many cases, success also depends on a brilliant smile. In the past, ideal dentition was considered a godsend. Today, however, it is modern aesthetic dentistry which puts nature right.


With extra thin ceramic veneers, dental surfaces may be beautified, dental gaps may be closed and teeth can be enlarged. Our international contacts to the leading ceramic technicians such as Klaus Müterthies, Willi Geller or Prof. Ed McLaren to name but a few are of paramount importance for a sensational result in smile design. Due to minimally invasive – or rather non-prep veneers, naturalness is guaranteed and en vogue thanks to techniques that are extremely gentle to the tooth substance.

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Of course we also offer you the highest level of production skills when your dentures are made in our own laboratory.

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Gentle in-house bleaching methods whiten your teeth and enhance them permanently. Please ask for advice, we will look forward to implementing your wishes. Screenshot 2015-07-13 12.42.58