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Dr. Hordt & Dr. Kirchberg are certified specialists with main professional focus on implantology (Tübingen Dental School)

It was never a good idea to leave a dead organ in the body.

Unhealthy teeth can cause serious chronic diseases – until now, their extraction has taken a high toll: receding bones and gums, aesthetics, comfort, time, money and social acceptance. In our practice we favour the Short Cut Concept (SCC) according to Dr. Volz. The single-piece SDS ceramic implants can usually immediately replace extracted teeth thanks to their unique thread design, even in the area of the rear cheek teeth. And temporary restoration with firm and aesthetic synthetic crowns is almost always possible. Your benefit: You are normally “back in action” on the same day. What makes ceramic implants so attractive and likeable: They meet the highest demands in terms of compatibility, health and aesthetics. If an intolerance to titanium or a general apprehension towards metal in your body suggests a metal-free solution – the highly aesthetic white ceramic implants made of bio-compatible high-performance zirconium oxide from SDS are the choice material.

Biological principles instead of medication

Smileperfect and SDS offer much more than just excellent products: a comprehensive treatment concept in line with biological principles. It was developed in cooperation with leading physicians and dentists working in accordance with biological-bio-chemical-immunological principles and focuses on the health benefit. A fixed sequence of biologically supporting measures promotes improved healing. Wound and bone healing and the elimination of damaging factors are accelerated by means of the stimulation of the immune system to such an extent that antibiotics and harmful medication are not required. Therefore, the implantation concept of Swiss Dental Solutions has a sustainable effect on your health.


In our practice, we have cooperated only with the most innovative and renowned implant manufacturers for many years to achieve the best possible healing success. 

Zirconium ceramic implants

Zirconium ceramic implants as a new alternative to the conventional titanium implants provide particularly allergy sufferers with a high level of safety. By means of three-dimensional planning, we are often able to position the implant in a minimally invasive manner without using a scalpel. This reduces treatment time and you experience a gentle and painless implantation without cutting and stitching.

Dental implantology has reached a new level: Unhealthy tooth out – metal-free implant in, fixed crown on top.

Experience and know-how 

We at smileperfect can look back on more than 20 years of experience in implantology. In addition, we are certified implantologists approved by several scientifically recognised institutes. Even if more than a million dental implants are inserted every year in Germany and we can therefore speak of a routine procedure, we must not forget that an implantation involves surgical intervention. The operation is performed as gently as possible with modern anaesthesia and implantation methods. The duration varies depending on the number of implants and the individual situation.

A first stable connection with the bone is created at the very moment of implantation. It is important that sufficient well-perfused bone is available to envelop the implant. The bone generation cells then connect to the surface of the implant from all sides during the weeks following the implantation. This procedure is referred to as osseointegration.

There are several solution options regarding the design of your new teeth on implants, depending on your individual situation and wishes. Implants can be provided in the form of a single tooth, a bridge or an entire row of teeth in the upper or lower jaw. There are several possibilities of fixing dentures in edentulous jaws; our practice team will explain the advantages and disadvantages to you. Implants require thorough care, just as natural teeth do. As the implant is firmly anchored in the jaw, care concentrates particularly on the transition area between the gum and the dentures. Good cleaning and regular check-ups ensure the long-term success of dental implants. Gum inflammation and gum pockets may arise if dentures are neither cleaned properly nor freed from plaque. In this case the implants are not sufficiently protected and may suffer damage during the course of time. Clean regularly to prevent this risk.

Apart from daily care with a toothbrush and other aids for cleaning the interdental spaces, professional tooth cleaning by a dentist is the best investment in the life of your implants.

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