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Health and good looks – an issue of growing importance to teens

The fixed dental brace for adolescents with cool coloured or transparent brackets has a preventive effect and ensures beautiful teeth.

On the one hand it corrects misalignments of the jaw and teeth in order to prevent later symptoms, and also ensures a good appearance right up to an old age at the same time. The fixed dental brace is predominantly used to close gaps, for instance where teeth are missing, gaps are opened, when space is a problem, twisted teeth need to be straightened and misplaced teeth have to be repositioned. The frequently occurring recession of the lower jaw – commonly known as an “overbite” – can also be very reliably treated with a fixed dental brace.

Important:  Patients with a fixed dental brace must clean their teeth particularly thoroughly!  Areas of the teeth that are more difficult to clean due to the presence of a fixed dental brace, thus resulting in an increased level of plaque, are sealed here with a coating that releases fluoride. In addition, the teeth are professionally cleaned every six weeks by our dental hygienist and treated with an antibacterial coating: This reduces the bacteria that cause caries and avoids unsightly enamel defects. We will be pleased to explain the details to you during an initial consultation.