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Dosis facit venenum – The dose makes the poison.


Correction of dynamic wrinkles with botulinum toxin (Botox)

The most effective and natural therapy for smoothing facial wrinkles, which allows you to immediately resume your daily business, is the treatment with botulinum toxin. This treatment ensures that the musculature is permanently relaxed, which leads to a more natural, youthful appearance. A word, too, about toxin: “Dosis facit venenum”. The dose makes the poison was something already known to the ancient Romans 2000 years ago, and in actual fact, neurology has frequently applied a multiple of the dose used in aesthetic medicine for more than 15 years with the best therapeutic effect and a high level of safety. As the co-author of the review articles, known in specialist circles as the Botox bible, Dr. Tork has been involved in the application of botulinum toxin for the therapy of the dynamic facial musculature in his daily work since 15 years, and has communicated the details of the application and the pathophysiological basics of the Botox therapy to hundreds of dedicated physicians in numerous workshops for beginners and experts.

Sub-filling of wrinkles with hyaluronic acid or own body fat

Experiences with substances available on the market with continuous updating of the findings help to choose adequate resources for the individual wishes and ideas and hence to offer the highest possible level of safety. The overriding principle here is the naturalness, whether lip augmentation or wrinkle smoothing.

“The decisive factor is the person at the other end of the needle.”

Radiage / Radiolift

Radiage / Radiolift is one of the latest methods for the gentle smoothing of wrinkles and skin rejuvenation by means of a patented radio frequency system

The initial situation:
As we grow older, the tension of the collagen fibres in the subcutaneous tissue decreases. The first signs of skin slackening and fine wrinkles are the consequence. Wrinkles occur in particular in the regions around the eyes, upper lip and throat. More and more people now want to combat this development with wrinkle treatment and wish to achieve a better, fresher appearance. Radiolift is not only suitable for the first beginning signs of skin ageing, but also for the treatment of deeper wrinkle formation, as well as for skin tightening in the region of the cheeks and throat. Good results are also accomplished in the face, around the eyes, and in the area of the upper lip and neck/cleavage.

Your wish:
Effective in-between wrinkle treatment without downtime. Radiolift is performed without surgical intervention and substances foreign to the body. Risky side effects in the Radiolift method of wrinkle treatment are not known. This minimally invasive wrinkle treatment can be performed by an experienced and certified physician “during the lunch break” so to speak, because there are no “time losses” cause by pain or healing processes.

Radiolift method:
In Radiolift treatment, radio waves lead to a targeted activation of the collagen fibres in the subcutaneous region, thus bringing about a contraction, which is referred to as “shrinking”. The patient perceives this activation as warming. It additionally provokes the stimulation of the subcutaneous tissue and the new formation of collagen; the resulting effect is wrinkle smoothing. This process continues to develop during the weeks and months after treatment. Several treatment sessions at intervals to be determined by the physician are recommended.

The treatment:
Radiolift is performed as outpatient treatment without any anaesthetic whatsoever. This ensures the contact between patient and doctor treatment. The doctor directs special handpieces several times along the region to be treated. A gliding gel is applied, which contributes to the improved conductivity of the radio waves. Any slight reddening occurring after treatment usually disappears after a short time and is not visible for more than one day. The duration of facial wrinkle treatment is about 30 minutes. A subsequent rest period is not necessary. Several treatment sessions at intervals of 4 weeks are recommended, as well as a refresher after a longer period of time.